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This book is an interactive celebration of the elite warrior class, the samurai of Japan. With your Way of the Samurai book, and the help of this website, you will learn about the armour and weaponry that helped define who the samurai were. Through a mixture of photography, three dimensional modelling and illustration, you will become immersed in the way of the samurai. With the help of QR codes and three dimensional rendering you will experience a history lesson like none before. The samurai wore and wielded armour and weaponry that as well as being extremely deadly, were intricate works of art in their own right. Samurai armour although designed to take the high impact of a musket ball were also designed with fantastic ornamentation, executed in with the highest of skill. Using this book as a physical tool to navigate the virtual, you will be able to experience these artworks first hand. All original illustrations and three dimensional models within this book have been designed and produced by Ashley J Ryle. All information is based on writings and research by Professor Steven Turnbull, whom without this project would not have been possible. 

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